Although we’d love to take in every animal in need of rescue, we only have so much room at the lodge. Although we have worked tirelessly to get stables, fencing, pens, automatic feeders and water troughs all set up and in place for our new found friends. We realised we needed some help.

This is where you come in.

Rescuing farm animals is a hard job, sometimes emotionally draining, physically tiring, dirty and expensive. But the reward in having a friend for life is worth every second. So we ask, can you answer the call? Can you provide a forever home for a special soul? Can you give love and happiness to another creature? Can you keep them warm in the harshest winters and cool in the burning summer? Can you help our friends live a long and happy life as the beautiful creatures they were meant to be? Can you teach them that humans can be kind friends? Can you lose you mind but find your soul? It’s a lot to ask we know and it’s not for everyone. These may sound like high expectations but it’s the reality of what our friends need to live happy lives. If you’re still reading and feel you can provide this for our friends then please fill out our adoption form below.

When rescuing

animals you could

easily lose your

mind but will

definitely find

your soul

Adoption Form

    Do you own property? (*) YesNo

    Will the animal leave with you if you move? (*) YesNo

    Will you be physically and financially able to provide vet care if the need arises? (*) YesNo

    Do you understand this animal(s) is not to be killed (unless euthanasia is recommended)? (*) YesNo

    Do you understand this animal(s) are not to be used for experiments? (*) YesNo


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